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The general answer to that question is yes.  But there are some caveats.  Let me explain.

Human bodies have good bacteria which fight of infections.  This was a bit hard for me to understand at first, since I was brought up in a household where “germs were baaaddd.”

If you’re the same, stick with me.  If that good bacteria happens to get overwhelmed by the “bad” bacteria in our bodies, disease in the form of a yeast infection manifests itself.   And the one way good bacteria gets overwhelmed is to eat junky food, causes an environment in our blood where bad bacteria flourishes.

The types of foods that causes our bodies to let bad bacteria flourish are all the good things that make the American diet what it is:  processed foods, sugary food, artificial crap (pardon my French).  Today, I can say it’s so impossible to not eat these types of foods for a whole day, let alone several days.

If you have a yeast infection, or get them frequently, one yeast infection remedy is to introduce more natural foods, and significantly reduce or completely eliminate processed foods, and in particular processed sugar.  Yeast loves sugar, and if it doesn’t have any to consume, it can’t survive in the body.

When you eliminate processed sugar, your body will remain in what’s called an alkaline state, as opposed to an acidic state.  An acid state is the technical term that describes the environment where yeast infections will flourish.

An interesting food that helps your body with good bacteria is yogurt.  Yogurt contains intestinal flora good for your digestive system.  It will strengthen the body to protect it from existing and future yeast infections.  Unfortunately most yogurt sold in typical grocery stores have a high sugar content.  The best way to maximize the benefits of yogurt is to either eat it plain, or eat sugar-free yogurt. 

This is all well and good you ask, but what if you have a yeast infection right now?  What’s the best cure?  Well that’s the caveat of natural food diets “curing” a yeast infection.  It doesn’t quite help you if you need relief now.  Of course, natural remedies are best, but short-term fixes are the subject of future articles. 

The main point of this article is to emphasize the point that the only long-term yeast infection remedy is proper diet.  Vegetables, raw and unprocessed, are the absolute best foods, although not the easiest to eat in big quantities for some of us (including the author).  This will give your body the fuel it needs to operate in its natural, healthy state, from of not only yeast infections, but other kinds of ailments as well.



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